Davies and Metcalfe Patterns

Swindon Historic Castings Limited was formerly licensed by Faiveley Transport formerly SAB WABCO Davies and Metcalfe to supply casting from their extensive range of steam locomotive parts. Following the closure of Swindon Historic Castings, this service has ceased

If you require airbrake equipment please enquire directly with Faiveley Transport.

Downloadable catalogue of Davies & Metcalfe AIR BRAKE equipment

Faiveley Transport UK
Morpeth Wharf
Twelve Quays
CH41 1LW

Tel : +44 151 649 5000
Fax : +44 151 649 5001

The supply of Heritage Steam Locomotive parts is currently suspended, due to changes at Faively Transport. When the situation is resolved and the future supplier is confirmed details will be posted here.

For information the Heritage parts include Injectors, Ejectors, Steam Heat, Boiler fittings, Lubricators. Also listed are some marine related components. The downloadable list is known to contain some errors and ommissions. The principle error is the confusion of casting numbers and drawing numbers.

Downloadable catalogue of Davies & Metcalfe STEAM equipment



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